Strategic Advice for Sustainable Mobility

Sutherland Campbell partners with OEMs, Universities and SMEs in Electric Vehicle projects.

electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Partner with BMW Group on their MINI E customer trial project, BMW i3 driver, Adviser to Qualcomm on Wireless Charging, Member of Oxford Brookes University's advisory board for sustainable engineering, Member of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership and SMMT EV Group, Innovation Coach with European Agency for SMEs, Partner on E-Mobility and BATTERIE sustainable transport projects within the EU. 


Electric Motorsport

Partner on research and development projects for the Formula E race series and electric motorsport.



Qualcomm, BMW Group, GLG Group, IBM, Innovate UK, VCCP, Oxford Brookes University, Clive Conway Productions, IEV Denmark, Heliox Holland, Enterprise Agency for SME's.