Innovative Mobility

Accelerating the development of electric, connected, automated and shared mobility.

electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Projects include Heliox electric bus and truck smart charging systems, Lightyear solar mobility technology and Tarform electric motorcycle design. Partnered with BMW Group's consortium on the MINI E project, part of the global R&D programme. Partnered with Qualcomm on the London trial of wireless charging and Formula E. 

connected & autonomous

Connected & Autonomous

Founded and launched Zenzic, the UK's innovation hub and testbed for Connected & Automated Mobility. Partnered with CCAV, APC, EY, HORIBA MIRA, Ford, JLR and Innovate UK. Established a cross-sector Advisory Board and led the development of strategy, funding, branding and stake-holder management. Working with SMEs across Europe on Innovative Mobility projects.



Heliox, Executive Agency for SMEs, Lightyear, Tarform, Pulsedeon, Klepsydra, IM Efficiency, Elaphe, Zenzic, Qualcomm, EO Charging, BMW Group, Oxford Brookes University, CCAV, APC, Innovate UK.