Electric Vehicles

“We partner with designers and developers of innovative electric vehicle and charging technologies to deliver sustainable mobility”

Clean Technology

Innovative Clean Technology is the route towards Sustainable Engineering and Sustainable Mobility

Sutherland Campbell's interest extends to all aspects of clean technology with the potential to impact positively on Sustainable Engineering and Sustainable Mobility. Our work on the various EV trials throughout Europe has informed our knowledge base, contacts and thinking on the wider application of clean technologies.

clean technology

In terms of Sustainable Mobility, issues like the intermodality of transport between road, rail, sea and air become important when considering travel between cities and countries. This is particularly true for more remote areas like the Shetland Islands and more rural and coastal areas of UK, Ireland, France, Spain & Portugal. Our BATTERIE project within the EU's Atlantic Fund is considering issues such as journey planning and the availability of alternatively fuelled forms of surface transport. http://mems.brookes.ac.uk/industry/svec/emobility.html

Our work with the Sustainable Vehicle Engineering Centre at Oxford Brookes continues to build our knowledge about electric & hybrid drivetrains, vehicle weighting, closed loop recycling, electric motors and all forms of combustion and propulsion. http://mems.brookes.ac.uk/industry/svec/index.html

Sutherland Campbell's understanding of the potential impact of clean technology is steadily increasing through our work with Universities, Energy Companies, Infrastructure Operators and Local Councils as well as Car Companies, Motorsport Teams and EV Car Share Operators.