Electric Vehicles

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Consumer Attitudes

Electric Motorsport like the Formula E race series can win hearts & minds.

Our work on Electric Vehicle trials and projects in the UK, EU and China has highlighted the importance of changing consumer attitudes and likely behaviours. This is being influenced continually by the ideas and words of academics, politicians and other commentators and by a myriad of other factors.

consumer attitudes

Sutherland Campbell's involvement with Eco Auto Research's tracking study has informed us how consumer attitudes change over time. They are influenced by the effects of climate change on the weather, the price of petrol and diesel, government incentives on electric cars, congestion charges, CO2 targets, health reports, fines for poor air quality, new product launches such as Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Renault Zoe, Tesla 3 and the Formula E motor racing series. We have worked on BMW's global trial of the electric MINI E, Qualcomm's trial of Wireless EV Charging and Meridian's Connected & Autonomous Mobility R&D and testing.