Electric Vehicles

“We partner with designers and developers of innovative electric vehicle and charging technologies to deliver sustainable mobility”

Electric Drivetrains

Major opportunities exist to successfully export UK drivetrain expertise.

Within Technology at Oxford Brookes Brookes, there is a wealth of knowledge about Advanced, Motorsport and Sustainable Engineering. Over the past 4 years, Sutherland Campbell has been collaborating on several electric drivetrain projects in the UK and internationally.

electric drivetrains

This work has involved discussions with Electric Motor and Gearbox designers and manufacturers as well as vehicle integrators and developers. With our focus on Clean Technology, Electric Vehicles and Electric Motorsport, we are developing a network of contacts who are leaders in Electric Drivetrain design and development.

We believe major opportunities exist in the global automotive and motorsport market for successful knowledge transfer and the export of electric drivetrain engineering and manufacturing know how.