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EV Car Clubs

Ownership or Usership - Car Clubs and Car Share for EVs.

With the higher initial purchase prices of EVs, Car Clubs and Car Share are one of the key new business models under rapid development. There's been a significant increase in the growth of car clubs worldwide and a growing trend towards usership not ownership. Particularly for younger drivers within cities, brought on by increasing costs of insurance, parking, fuel and congestion charging together with other economic pressures such as education and accommodation.

ev car clubs

The trend towards usership, combined with relatively higher purchase prices of EVs and the more open attitude of younger drivers to EVs, is driving the growth of Car Clubs and Car Share. This is evident in certain parts of the world with a focus on accelerating e-mobility and improving air quality. Places such as San Diego, Shanghai, Oslo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London and Oxford are actively pursuing the Car Share model as an entry channel to the EV market. 

Sutherland Campbell is developing knowledge, expertise and contacts in the set up and development of Car Clubs and Car Share for EVs.