Electric Vehicles

“We are working with people designing and developing innovative clean technologies to deliver sustainable mobility”

EV Infrastructure

Mass market adoption of EVs will require charging  infrastructure that's fast, smart and flexible.

SCI's first involvement with electrification infrastructure came through the MINI E project 2009-2011. This global trial provided an insight into the challenges of developing a charging infrastructure. Most importantly, it offered first-hand knowledge of UK drivers' expectations and experiences of this key aspect of life with an electric vehicle.

EV Infrastructure

We have an informed understanding of the relative importance of charging at home, office and in public places. We are also aware of the challenges encountered by private and fleet drivers, which enable us to consider alternative scenarios intelligently.

SCI's expertise in charging infrastructure has been developed through our work in business development and marketing for our clients - BMW, Qualcomm, EO Charging and Heliox.