Electric Vehicles

“We are working with people designing and developing innovative clean technologies to deliver sustainable mobility”

EV Trials

Driver experience of real life with an EV. 

We played a lead role within BMW's MINI E consortium, which trialled 40 electric MINIs in Oxfordshire and the South East of England. This EV Trial, backed by the Technology Strategy Board, examined consumer attitudes, expectations and behaviours, based on their day to day experience over a 6-month period. The trial extended to fleet users as well as private drivers and considered the implications for EV charging infrastructure and new business models.

ev trials

SCI also participated in the TSB's Ultra Low Carbon Demonstrator programme to trial a total of 340 EVs in 8 separate locations across the UK. All types of vehicles were tested from the mass market MINI and Smart E-Drive to niche vehicles like the all-electric Delta Motorsport E4 Coupe and Liberty Electric Cars E-Range Rover.

Our work on Electric Vehicles and knowledge of EV Technology and EV Drivetrains was significantly enhanced by participation in two EU projects, E-Mobility Accelerator and BATTERIE. These projects examined the implications for EV Infrastructure, of the mass adoption of EVs across several European countries.