Electric Vehicles

“We partner with designers and developers of innovative electric vehicle and charging technologies to deliver sustainable mobility”

Wireless EV Charging

Effortless charging of EVs for road and racetrack without wires, cables and plugs.

Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) is a simple, effortless solution for charging electric and hybrid vehicles. WEVC technology is ideally suited to charging wirelessly when parked, however it also opens up the possibility of charging on the move.

wireless ev charging

We believe electric vehicle drivers will prefer the convenience of charging at home and through public charging without the need to plug-in. Drivers will also prefer to top-up charge more often without the hassle of dirty cables, poor weather conditions or lack of time. This in turn will optimize the life of the battery and in time may lead to a reduction in the size and costs of batteries.

Sutherland Campbell has been involved in the testing and development of opportunities for Wireless Charging technology since 2009. Initial interest was stimulated through the work of Arup and HaloIPT, which resulted in an efficiency testing programme by Oxford Brookes University. We also identified to opportunity of applying WEVC technology to world of electric motorsports and Formula E.

Sutherland Campbell is participating in Qualcomm's London Trial of Wireless EV Charging in partnership with Renault, Chargemaster, Addison-Lee and Delta Motorsport.